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Sexual Assault on College Campuses in the State of Maine


The issue of sexual assault on a college campus is an extremely sensitive one for all involved. Our job as criminal defense lawyers is to make sure that those accused get proper representation and defense, and make sure that our clients aren’t tried and convicted in the court of public opinion before all the facts come out.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, it is really important that you get a lawyer as soon as you can. We are here to help.

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We have included a transcript of the video below:

Sexual Assault on College Campuses in the State of Maine

There are some statistics floating out there that seem too terrifying to be true. Some folks are saying one in four college age women will be assaulted during their college years. There’s a lot of debate back-and-forth of whether those statistics are accurate or not. These are very delicate cases. They carried the unfortunate consequence of tending to destroy a person’s reputation before any of the legal process has really started.

There are many colleges right now that are generating brand new policies regarding what consent to sex actually is. And every college has its own internal disciplinary process which of course is separate from any other criminal process that may also arise.

And so when someone is accused of sexual assault on  campus there are also arts of ways that becomes extremely dangerous problem very early on. You can almost always guarantee that the press is going pick up the story. The press loves sexual assault on campus is right now. It’s sales papers like crazy. The defendants name will  be in the press. The college will certainly take disciplinary action. And the disciplinary action at the college is taking often times has no similarity to the criminal process and the protections that we are used to in the criminal process. So often times in the college disciplinary proceedings you may not have a right to a lawyer. You may not have the right to tell your story and any comprehensive fashion. You may not have a right to slow down the process for more investigation or to speed up the process to clear your name faster.

Every college every university has a different way of dealing with these accusations. And those internal university disciplinary proceedings can be extremely dangerous and you need a lawyer. Separate from that it of course is whether the state decides to prosecute someone for the sexual assault that allegedly occurred on the campus. And once for in the criminal system it’s much more familiar and easier to understand with the help of a lawyer. Because we know that you have an absolute right to a lawyer in the criminal justice system. We know you have an absolute right to see all of the evidence against you and to confront your accuser in the criminal justice system. Not necessarily true in the university disciplinary hearings.

And so you have this internal university thing going on and then you also have criminal charges going on plus you have the press involved in your life and the whole thing can become a terrifying snowball very quickly.

I recommend that anyone accused of sexual salt on a campus get a lawyer right away. And then we will begin to work with university and begin to work with law-enforcement to try and mitigate some of that early damage that can occur before any kind of actual criminal process has begun.