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Accidentally Breaking the Law and Strict Liability

When is it OK to make someone a criminal if the criminal act was an accident?  So called “strict liability crimes” (where the State doesn’t have to prove you meant to commit the crime) are everywhere from driving offenses to statutory rape.  When we punish people, is it OK to lock them up for their mistakes instead instead of true malicious acts?
Vice: “If You Accidentally Break the Law, Are You a Criminal?”
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Juvenile Defense in Portland Maine

If your child is accused of a crime, that is obviously a scary time for the whole family. It is important to get a defense lawyer with experience in juvenile matters involved as quickly in the process as possible. A conviction as a juvenile can have major repercussions for years to come, so intervening early and thoroughly is vital. 

We are defense lawyers in Portland, Maine, and we have a long history of successfully defending juveniles and making sure that they have the best possible representation. If your child child is in legal trouble, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us to get the situation under control as soon as possible.

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