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Standards of proof for restraining orders in Maine


As we have talked about before on our blog, restraining orders can happen fast if you are a defendant. And, in an effort to protect families, the burden of proof for restraining orders is lower than it is for a criminal conviction. But, it is important to understand that just because restraining orders can happen rapidly, that doesn’t mean that there are not serious consequences to attached to them.

In today’s video Merritt Heminway talks about the standards of proof for restraining orders in Maine, and gives an example of a typical situation that doesn’t seem serious at first, but can turn serious rather quickly.

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Merritt Heminway, Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland, Maine

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What Are Legal Options For Protection From Abuse?


Protection From Abuse and Restraining Orders

In today’s video, Merritt Heminway walks you through the basics of protection from abuse cases. If a person feels unsafe in their home, they have the ability to file a restraining order in court to seek protection. The process is fast moving and effective, so it is important to have someone on your side that can help you with the process.

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