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At H&H Law Center we defend the citizens of Maine, regardless of their guilt or innocence. If you are innocent, as defense lawyers we want to give you the best chance possible to avoid a wrongful jail sentence. And if you are guilty, even if you have admitted to the police that you are guilty, we will work equally as hard to make sure you get the best possible outcome for your case. There are alternatives to jail, and we can help in every way that we can to keep you out of jail.

We believe strongly that punitive jail sentences are bad for everyone involved. They are bad for the inmate, they are bad for the family, they are bad for the community. To put it simply, we want to help you and your loved ones avoid jail.

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In this video, founding partner Devens Hamlen explains more.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Defending your constitutional rights protects you from a punitive jail sentence.

Portland Maine Defense Lawyer

The question for me isn’t always so much guilt or innocence, it’s defending someone and defending my clients constitutional rights through a process that can be sometimes stacked against them. The government, the police, prosecutors they have a lot more power. Our job is to defend against that power no matter what someone has done and they deserve representation from the beginning to the end. Even if my clients are guilty and they want to plead guilty, there is an alternative to jail. And alternatives that will be better for the community, better for the client and better for the system.

Defense Lawyers, Portland Maine

A large part of our job and the work here at H&H Law Center is guiding people in the system, judges and prosecutors to find a more rehabilitative sentence then the punitive sentence for clients. That means that they are getting the help that they need and not coming out of jail without any resources and without any help. Very few people come out of jail in a better position than when they went in. Jail is punitive. And part of the system is a balance between punitive rehabilitation and deterrence. And a lot of our focus is and should be as a society in rehabilitation. Guiding people even the clients who are guilty to rehabilitation, rather than a punitive jail sentence is going to result in better outcomes for the client, for the system, for the community. A lot of the work we do is social work and connecting people with the resources they need and that’s why I have a sense of pride in defending people who I know who are guilty, who have admitted to me or the police. Because I’ve helped guide them through a system that otherwise if they were unrepresented rightly or wrongly takes advantage of that someone being without a lawyer. They’re entitled to representation and entitled to have someone stand up for them through every point of the process.