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How Much Should You Tell Your Lawyer?

In today’s video, founding partner Devens Hamlen talks about the importance of the trust between a lawyer and a client. As criminal defense lawyers we can do our best work for you if we know all the facts of your case. If you need help, you should feel free to be open and honest with us about all the details – we aren’t here to judge you, we’re here to defend you. Watch the video to learn more.

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Here’s a transcript of today’s video:

How Much Should You Tell Your Lawyer?

Building trust and a relationship with us is the best way for us to defend you.

A lot of times my clients might be afraid to tell me whether they’ve done something or not. And I think its may be from the movies or from TV or whatever – you never tell your attorney what you’ve done in the criminal world. I need to know everything about them, about my clients.

A lot of times people don’t know what’s important and what’s not important to tell. And I always think the more information the better because then I can have the knowledge to able to best help you. The hardest part for a lot of my clients is not knowing. Not knowing what’s going to happen to them and gaining your clients trust is extremely important. They need to be able to trust what you’re telling them is going to happen and as best as you can predict. Building that relationship and building that trust is that they are going to trust what I say is my advice to them of what the possible outcomes of their case can be.

I don’t necessarily care whether my clients are innocent or guilty, I care about defending them. They deserve a fair trial and they deserve to be guided through the process no matter how that process ends. There are some facts and some things that I can’t change. If someone has a criminal record what will be held against them, I can’t change that. What I can do is try to get the best resolution for them given their situation, whatever that situation is. We use our experience, our relationships, and our knowledge of how other cases have turned out to inform our clients but in terms of being able to help them through the process where there’s a trial or plea or some other negotiate resolution I cannot do that without building trust with them.