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How To Properly Allocate Funds For Heroin Addiction In Maine


In today’s video founding partner Devens Hamlen talks again about heroin addiction in Maine. Recently the Governor of Maine has proposed a bill that would limit the amount of opioids that doctors can proscribe.  Hamlen’s take on the matter is that doctors know more about medicine than legislators, and this proposed approach is misguided.

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We have included the transcript of today’s video below:

How To Properly Allocate Funds For Heroin Addiction In Maine

Obviously in the news over the past 6 months has been heroine epidemic in Maine and we’ve spoken a lot about that before but recently, the governor has proposed a bill that would limit the amount opioids that a doctor could prescribe to his or her patients. In my opinion it’s a misguided allocation of resources and a misguided targeting or interfering with the doctor’s choice and their professional judgement.

I don’t think the governor sitting in Augusta we all have to make the choices how a doctor is prescribing or what kind of pain medication they are prescribing to a patient. The reality is that there should be more treatment and more treatment centers and more places to be able to for people who have problems that are state funded to go.

I think there is news and many of the police departments many of the sheriffs of the jails, agree that a lot of addicts shouldn’t necessarily be locked up. They don’t have the money or the resources to treat someone and you are just sort of putting off a problem that is going to come back.

In other words you are incarcerating someone they might be clean, maybe not, while they are incarcerated. If they walk out the door without any back up, without any treatment, it is such an addictive drug that you are just going to go, the cycle is going to continue. I think by sort of targeting doctors that is a miss allocation of energy and resources when it should be targeted towards building and funding state treatment centers. You can arrest your way out of the problem, you can arrest your way out of an addiction.

I think that’s merit in stopping the dealers, you don’t have demand, you are not going to have the dealers. By cutting down the demand, by treating people you are going to be coming down the demand. You know recovery is not a linear line, it is sort of up and down and people are going to relapse but you just hope they are going in the right direction.

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