Is It Right To Remain Silent When Interacting With The Police?
“When our daughter was arrested, Merritt and Devie stepped into our family emergency and found solutions we would never know existed.”—Dana
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How we can help

  • Criminal Law:
    The Government is a powerful opponent.  H&H attorneys even the playing field across a broad spectrum of cases from traffic violations to violent crimes.  Protecting your civil and constitutional rights, telling the untold stories, holding the prosecution’s feet to the fire, and making sure you get your day in court—this is our specialty, we do it every day.
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  • Juvenile Defense:
    Taking the time to understand your best options is a critical step when supporting a son or daughter accused of a crime.  More and more of what used to be ignored as simple misbehavior is being charged as a juvenile offense, landing kids and their parents in court.  Don’t go it alone.  Juvenile defense requires a steady and attentive hand to keep molehills from becoming mountains, mountains from becoming avalanches.
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  • OUI / Drunk Driving:
    When the State has accused you of driving impaired, a talented attorney is mandatory.  These cases require specialized knowledge of the science and the law of OUI defense, and the consequences of a conviction reach far beyond the courthouse door.
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  • Protection from Abuse:
    Also known as restraining orders, PFA actions happen quickly and can have terrible long term consequences for your liberty, your property, and the well-being of your children.  When you are ready to take action to protect yourself or loved ones, we can help you navigate these fast moving court orders.
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  • Family Law Consultation and Mediation:
    Avoiding the courts is almost always the best approach when keeping relationships intact is the goal.  Sticky family law problems require the help of a good advocate who can help conserve the energy you will need to support your family through difficult transitions.  A simple call will connect you to attorneys with over a decade of experience in divorce and child custody litigation. We know how to marshal the resources you need to resolve family problems quickly and responsibly.