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How Do Police Dashboard Cameras Effect Maine?


Dashboard cameras in police cruisers have gained more and more popularity in our country, and are common in the the state of Maine. As a criminal defense attorneys, we think this is a positive step for policing.

Watch the video to learn why.

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Below is a transcript of today’s video blog post.

How Do Police Dashboard Cameras Effect Maine?

I appreciate that there is a lot of video being used by the police departments in Maine. Almost every case that involves a police officer responding via cruiser has what’s called the Watchguard Video or a dash cam. Even if you are not actually watching, even if the video is not showing anything, the officers might. So that when he walks into the apartment complex or the building to interview people, what is being said by both sides is being recorded.

I compare that to New Hampshire where there are no Dash cams, I think only one police department at least that we worked with, had regular video and audio that was supplied to us.

I think that it can help both sides. On one side you have criminal defense attorney’s saying, “Look, what the police are saying is not matching what’s on the watch guard video.” Or, “What’s on the video is not a crime and jurors can make a very better assessment by be able to watch those. On the other side you have prosecutors, let’s say it’s a very straight forward case with the Watchguard video.

We can show those to our clients and say this what is going to be presented to the jury and that this is a strong case, because they have this and they can present to the jury. I think it helps both sides to be honest about the case, the strengths of their case because ultimately, the ultimate arbitrator the juror the decider of fact is going to be able to see them and make their decision.

As a criminal defense attorney in Maine, having most of my cases be recorded in some fashion whether it is audio video by a cruiser camera, or the Watchguard video makes life easier on both sides. It keeps everyone honest.

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