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Should Marijuana Be Legal In The State Of Maine?


Even though it is not a crime in the state of Maine, getting caught in possession of marijuana can still have some serious consequences in your life – from education, to employment, to loans. The possession of the drug is considered a civil violation, and can carry some serious implications.

I think ideally marijuana ought to be legalized recreationally across the board. -Merritt Heminway, HH Law Center Click To Tweet

Heminway points to the statistics coming out of Colorado, where it has been recreationally legal for about three years. He believes that Maine should legalize the drug recreationally, pointing to crime statistics, safety, and potential tax benefits to the state.

Until that day comes, however, if you have been caught in possession of marijuana you should seek legal representation as soon as possible to help avoid some of the long term negative impact that type of civil violation can have on your record.

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marijuana in the State of Maine

Founding Partner Merritt Heminway talks about marijuana in the state of Maine.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Should marijuana be legal in the state of Maine?

In the state of Maine simple possession of marijuana is not a crime, it’s a civil violation. But that does not mean it won’t have bad consequences. And even simple possession for marijuana may be a good reason to hire an attorney.

The state is not going to be able to put you in jail on a civil violation like that but I can have consequences for your life beyond. Any kind of drug violation of any kind is often cause for employers not to hire you. Many employment applications are asking that question. It is also cause for federal student loans to be revoked or not granted. That can be bypassed with a lot of extra paperwork and advocacy. But the general rule is that one is not eligible for any kind of student loans even if it’s just a few civil charge of simple possession of marijuana in the state of Maine.

And so often times we help out students who were in possession of a very small amount of marijuana but nevertheless need legal representation to make sure that they don’t carry a civil violation of possession of marijuana on their record forever and ever. Because that does have consequences. The state won’t put you in jail but it will seriously messed with your ability to get a job or get an education.

I think ideally marijuana ought to be legalized recreationally across the board. The early indications from Colorado and Washington states are very good. I think we are about three years now that it’s been recreational legal in Colorado and the early indications are excellent. Unsurprisingly in Colorado the drug related arrests and convictions are way down. Saving the state a huge amount of money in prosecutions and charges and police costs.

And the if early numbers are right from Colorado the state from Colorado it’s also getting a lot of tax revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana. The research is pretty crystal clear that marijuana is about the safest drug out there certainly safer than alcohol. And, recreational use of marijuana does not seem to be a major public policy problem contrary to what we all grew up with and heard through the 70s 80s and 90s.

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