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We Focus On Criminal Defense Law in Portland, Maine.

H&H Law Center is a small firm with a sole focus on criminal defense law. We have this particular focus, and that matters a great deal to our clients. In today’s video, founding partner Merritt Heminway explains why.

A Small Criminal Defense Firm Allows Collaboration

We are passionate about criminal defense. We believe that everyone deserves the right to vigorous and thoughtful representation. Our small size lets us collaborate within our office, share our ideas and experience to make sure that you get the best possible defense for your criminal case.

Our size also lets us move quickly and thoroughly on your behalf. This speed and focus is something that larger firms can struggle with. We are proud to take a personalized approach to our work when we advocate on your behalf.

Focus Leads to Experience

Our focus on criminal defense law means that we have years and years of experience working these kinds of cases. Experience matters in criminal defense work. While every case is different, our past experience helps us serve you better. Just like in any field, the more you do something, the better you get at it. While you can go to a law firm that handles all different types of law, we recommend that you take advantage of the expertise of a small firm with a singular focus on criminal defense.

We have experience with the nuances of criminal defense. We have the experience with the particulars of the courts in Maine. We would be happy to talk to you about your case, and help in any way that we can.

Please email us at inquiries@hhlawcenter.com or call (207) 221-6363.

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