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Which is the most important kind of case?


We have experience will all types of legal defense cases here in Portland. The severity of the cases we defend really does run the gamut from petty theft to the most serious felonies. We know that any conviction, no matter how seemly small from the outside, has real repercussions for our clients. So, we treat every case with the same zeal and intensity as if it were our own family member on trial.

This is one of the advantages of being a small law firm. Cases that would get swallowed up by a huge firm with hundreds of lawyers can be handled with care at H&H Law Center. We have the one on one relationships with our clients that lead to what we think is more compassionate advocacy.

We are proud of the defense law that we practice. And we know, at the end of the day, we are providing the same level of legal representation that we would want for ourselves and our family.

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Here’s the transcript of today’s video:

No matter the size of the case, we give the same amount of care to our clients.

There isn’t a typical case. We have experience both Merritt and I with everything from a shoplifting case, shoplifting a pack of bubble gum all the way up to the most serious felonies. We’ve been to trial on all of those kind of cases. We’ve had success in all those kinds of cases. And with how clients navigate everything from sexual assaults to trafficking and drugs, to attempted murder trials. Just because we have a case that serious and one that’s not so serious, doesn’t mean that we’re going to focus any less or spend any less time with a client who might be charged with a less serious crime.

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